Mother putting baby to sleep at the crib

My Philosophy

I do not subscribe to any “one size fits all” approach to sleep teaching. No two children are the same; what works for one may not work for another. As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I specialize in designing sleep plans that are customized for each child’s unique needs and situation. I pride myself in crafting sleep plans that are gentle, unique, and effective.

While most books and programs dealing with child sleep problems take philosophical stands (based largely around the issue of “crying it out”), The Paulina Temple Sleep Solutions Program is flexible and accommodates many different parenting styles and personalities. I believe that your child’s sleep is more important than my personal views on the subject!

Cute little baby boy, relaxing in bed after bath, smiling happily, daytime

My Approach

My process for improving your child’s sleep is pretty straight-forward:

Personalized Sleep Plan

I will lay out simple, step-by-step plans that are easy to follow and allow parents to make some choices about what is best for their child (after all, you do know them best).

Education & Information

I provide honest information about why sleep is so important to your child’s health and wellbeing and explain the reasons why your child is not sleeping well.

Realistic Goals

I’ll help you set realistic expectations and show you how to measure success. I’ll tell you what to expect along the way and I will support you through the entire process to ensure you reach your sleep goals.

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