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“We are overjoyed with the results of sleep coaching under Paulina’s coaching. We are much happier as a family and I can feel my passion for mothering returning now that I don’t have to nurse at night. My husband is also much nicer!” – Jaqueline L.

“It completely changed our experience of parenting from a miserable one to a manageable one. Getting some sleep has helped our relationship and has helped us to enjoy the time we spend with our son. Everything feels much more manageable now.” – Melissa S.

“Paulina was such a pleasure to work with for our newborn son! Her patience, guidance, and overall demeanor is outstanding. She was always readily available to help answer any questions we had via phone, email, and text. I feel truly blessed to have found Paulina! My son now sleeps 11-12 hours a night consistently and has the tools for independent sleep. Thank you, Paulina!” – Jessica N.

“Why didn’t we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib – and has been since 7.15 pm. We are so pleased to get the evenings to ourselves again, and Tinius – who has always been a very happy boy – is even more happy now!”
– Karianne W.

“Paulina is amazing! I can’t recommend her enough! Our 6 month old preemie hit a 4 month sleep regression, which led to me nursing her to sleep and developing habits to help us all get any sleep possible. It became overbearing and we were all exhausted. I reached out to Paulina and she developed a custom plan for us. Paulina said we had one of the worst first nights she had ever seen and it was really hard not to give up… but sure enough, Paulina’s experience and expertise were 100% correct and we saw dramatic improvement within the first few days. Paulina stuck with us until Brynn was consistently sleeping 12 hours every night. I honestly didn’t think it was possible, but our baby girl is such a great sleeper now and has completely learned to put herself to sleep. She moved from a swaddle to a sleep sack and dropped night feeds completely on her own! I highly recommend working with Paulina for improving your family’s sleep. She is very sweet, responsive, and you can tell she truly cares about her clients and their wants/needs. Call Paulina for a chat and you won’t regret it!”
-Melissa M

“Paulina is incredible – I wish I had reached out and gotten her help sooner! She has been so patient with all of our questions and concerns as we navigated finding the best ways for us to help our toddler fall asleep and stay in the crib through nap time and through the night. She is so empathetic and resourceful, and delightful to talk to!” -Nicole H.

“After inquiring in detail about my baby’s overall behavior, Paulina suggested that he’s a snacker habitually (our pediatricians hadn’t even considered this a possibility). She gave us a custom sleeping (and feeding!) plan and walked us through it all. By night 3 my baby slept 11 hours straight! I couldn’t believe it! The best decision we’ve made as new parents. Paulina held our hand through it all. She was in touch with us daily, giving us recommendations with every reaction our baby would have. My son is almost 7 months old now with perfect 11/12 hour night sleeps and two scheduled naps a day. He feeds 4 times a day now (instead of 12). He is off of Pepcid (which he had been on since one month old) and he never ever cries anymore. He sleeps on his own and wakes up with a smile on his face. And I can finally look at myself in the mirror again. If your baby isn’t sleeping through the night, you need her. She’s very knowledgeable, supportive and super responsive (which you will absolutely need). Call her. You won’t regret it.” – Adena F.

“Paulina is amazing and such a pleasure to work with! She helped us set up not only a good bedtime and sleep routine with our baby boy, but also coached us on his naps. After having my 2nd child and having my first child be such a good sleeper I was lost on what to do this time around. Paulina stepped in and helped guide us and answered all of our questions both via text email and on our phone calls. Her responsiveness and demeanor made it so easy for us to implement independent sleep skills for my son. We are overjoyed at his progress and he started sleeping 11-12 hours around 3.5 months old! I highly recommend you hire Paulina!” – Jess N.

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